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Making more out of Less


A DELAYED train helped remind an audience that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.


Due to start speaking at 7.45pm, Less Is More author Brian Draper was still stuck en route to Reading at 7.50pm.
He was making an appearance at Greyfriars’ Bookshop to promote his latest book, Less Is More: Spirituality For Busy Lives.
His late arrival served as a reminder that sometimes we can let things get in the way of enjoying life to the full.
“His experience served to remind us that often we are going at such breakneck speed through our lives and it is often the disruptions such as delays that cause us to stop what we are doing and listen,” explained bookshop manager Debbie Thompson.
“Participants were guided into some personal reflection with some insightful thoughts and questions to a background of music, such as ‘What are you hanging on to in your life that you will have to lose in the end?’
“Judging by the number of books sold dealing with busyness it is a real felt need.”