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Review: Lucy as beautiful as a Rose

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A BEAUTIFUL church was made even more so last month as indie artist Lucy Rose came to town.

Taking my seat up on the balcony, it was hard not to sit and admire the beauty of the venue. The Reading Minster church of St Mary the Virgin at the heart of Reading’s town centre is even more incredible on the inside than it looks on the outside, and the atmosphere was buzzing.

Support act Pete Roe started the concert off awkwardly. There was a problem with the lead for his guitar, so while his opening song may have been a wonderful, soothing song actually turned out to be an earsore for the audience, with electric interference having people clench their jaws.

Once declaring “it’s time to admit defeat, isn’t it?” and changing the lead, his talent came to the fore.

Lucy Rose came onto the stage with her band, took her seat, and told the audience of how taken aback she was by the venue: “It’s Saturday night, and we’re in a church.”Pete Roe was just one man, on his guitar, with a pedal and a microphone – but the sounds he could make with those were thrilling.

Once the music began, it was hard to imagine the sounds in any other venue. Her voice is calming and her personality charming – she even gave one audience member the opportunity to come onto stage and give her a hug – but it is the songs that make her popular and you can hear why.

There was no performance, as such, she and the band took their places on stage, with their instrument and tapped a toe, wiggled a hip or nodded a head – but there were no flashing lights, dance routines or screaming fans.

This gig was an occasion to gather round, listen and applaud her talent. And yes, Lucy Rose has plenty of musical talent.

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