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Editor’s blog: who’s calling please?

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Phone-articleOne of the perks of being an editor is you get calls, emails and letters. Lots. In fact, the information age it’s almost impossible to keep up (sorry if you’ve yet to receive a reply from me). So sometimes my phone rings and I miss it. 

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If it’s an unknown number, I’ll usually Google it (other search engines are available) to double check who’s called me – and what they might be calling about. 

It’s a useful tip especially as a chunk of calls are marketing related – people trying to sell me double glazing, usually while I’m eating me tea. You’ll know the feeling I’m sure. 

Like all sensible people, I’m a member of the Telephone Preference Service, a free database that you register to to ensure that you don’t get junk calls. It’s about as effective as a toothless comb but at least we can tell the people that call us we’re members as it’s meant to be an offence to call people who are on it. 

But today I received a different call. It came from 020 3129 1891. They called both my landline and my mobile – but hung up straight away. 

That’s a bit persistent for someone who won’t let me answer. 

So I Googled them. 

And immediately realised that you need to know about calls from this number. 

Some of you may be aware of the scam callers who pretend to be from Microsoft, alerting you to non-existent viruses on your computer and demanding credit card details from you to remove them. It’s a nasty scam: not only do they call you promising to fix a non-issue, but they install some nasty stuff on your machine while ‘fixing it’ and take your credit card details to boot. 

Microsoft DO NOT call you about viruses. It is a hoax call. If you know what you’re doing by all means string them along. You’ll save someone else being called. But it’s a safe bet to say ‘no thank you’ and hang up. 


Looking at websites such as Unknown Phone.com you’ll see that others have had similar calls – persistent and unpleasant experiences. The caller at 020 3129 1891 has claimed all kinds of things – surveys, accidental claims and so on – but notably a threat to keep on calling and reports of foul language. Not nice. 

WhoCallsMe also reports similar nasty calls – as do other sites including RUScammer and Whose Number Is This?.  


I’ve blocked the number 020 3129 1891 – and suggest you do the same. 

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