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Energy democracy – is it possible?

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Matt Bramhall, from Global Justice Now, will talk and lead a discussion on ‘Energy Democracy? Is it possible to have clean and affordable energy under democratic control?’

One in five people globally live without electricity because they are unable to access it and millions more go without because they cannot afford to pay for it. Even in the UK, people are forced to choose between feeding their families and paying their energy bills.

Where people cannot access electricity at all, they are exposed to pollution from other fuels used for lighting and cooking, access to modern communications is impossible and hours are spent, often by women and girls, on fuel collection.

“It is clear that we need new ways of meeting our energy needs without destroying the planet” said Jackie Oversby, Co-ordinator, Global Justice Reading. “Around the world there are inspiring examples of people doing just that. Matt Bramhall will tell us about them and he will lead a discussion about how possible it is for everyone to access the energy they need while still tackling climate change”.

The event will take place at RISC, 35 – 39 London St, Reading, RG1 4PS on Wednesday May 6 at 7.30pm

For more information about this event or to ask about Global Justice Now you can contact them at globaljusticereading@gmail.com  or http://www.groups.globaljustice.org.uk/reading/

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