A CHURCH in Burghfield Common knows that long-term fundraising involves everything – including the kitchen sink.

Parishoners at St Oswald’s Catholic Church have been supporting the work of Father Owen O’Donnell, who lives in Malawi, since 2002. He originally ran the Namitembo Mission in the Zomba Diocese, comprising six primary schools, two secondary schools and a trade and agricultural school for older children, where they could learn building, carpentry, IT and dressmaking. He was moved to a mission in the diocese of Sitima last year and members of St Oswald’s were shocked when they learnt more about the conditions he was enduring. A spokesperson for the church said: “He sent us some photographs of his kitchen. We just couldn’t believe the state of it. “We decided to try and raise some money at Christmas time for Father Owen to build a new kitchen. The response was amazing. He has now been able to completely build a new kitchen.” This refurbishment will make a big difference to his ministry.

The church is hoping that Father Owen will be able to travel to the UK later this year.