WITH Wokingham not part of the official Olympic Torch relay to London, the town’s churches decided to rectify the situation by staging its own relay.

Held on Sunday, July 8 – just before the real thing came to Berkshire – the relay saw churches receive the Spirited Sprint torch, with a smaller version gifted to them to light during services held while the Olympics continues. The flame started off from Wokingham Methodist Church and its first destination was Corpus Christi Church. It was received by younger members of the Catholic church’s congregation. Next to accept the torch was All Saints Church, who also had younger members of the congregation receive it. Before the torch made its way to the altar, the church choir sang their Introit hymn, Let There Be Light. Next up was Woosehill Church, and as the Torch made its way, passers-by tooted their horns in support. Others looked a little stunned as they thought that this might be the actual Olympic Torch passing through Wokingham. When Woosehill Church received the Torch, Matthew 5:14 was read together with a prayer by the Revd Nick Thompson as the light was received. After sending the torch out, Wokingham Methodist Church then received it, and a short prayer was said by preacher Dalwyn Attwell. Finally the torch made its way to the Norreys Festival, held at All Saints Primary School in the afternoon. Once again it was well received by members of the local community, ably supported by the Rock Choir. This event was well attended with a very warm ‘buzz’ amid some very heavy downpours.

Through spells of rain and strong winds, it is great to note that the torch – designed by Jane Bonney and stewarded by John Rhodes – stood up to the test and symbolically never once extinguished on its journey around Wokingham.