Pirates sail into Wokingham

PIRATES – the scourge of the seven seas – set sail for Wokingham last week. But thankfully, it was a friendly invasion of youngsters aged five to 11.

The young seadogs were all taking part in a special week of summer holiday fun, held at Wokingham Methodist Church in Rose Street.

“What is Wokingham coming to when one of its town centre churches was over run by Pirates aided and abetted by church members?” joked Brian R Morris, the press officer for Wokingham Methodist Church.

“This year the theme was Landlubbers and there were two groups of pirates marooned on a tropical island. They had grown dissatisfied with a life of looting and raiding and yearned for a more peaceful life, living as honest, law-abiding citizens.

“The young Pirates were under the command of Pirates Heave Ho and Yo Ho.”

With the town centre church converted into the tropical island, the young shipmates had to find out how they could return to dry land.

Brian said: “The young pirates had to devise a plan to get off the island! Thankfully there is recorded help based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians.”

The holiday club is a regular fixture in the church’s calendar and Brian said that it is going from strength to strength.

“The church has now staged yet another Holiday Club and continues to attract growing numbers of children annually,” he added.

For more on the church, visit its website.