Cllr praises Reading’s new bus lane

A Reading Councillor says that bus passengers and cyclists are now benefiting from the new extension to a key bus lane designed to help speed up journey times on public transport through East Reading.

The new section of bus lane outside the Prudential buildings in Reading town centre has been introduced by Reading Borough Council to alleviate congestion in this area. There is now a continuous east-bound link along the King’s Road, from the Watlington Street gyratory to Cemetery junction.

Buses, coaches and taxis that use King’s Road no longer get caught up in peak time delays near the Prudential buildings resulting in more predictable journey times.

As well as speeding up bus journey times, cyclists are able to use the extended bus lane. Many motorists using the route are benefiting because buses no longer need to merge into the already queuing traffic.

Some minor alterations to the large triangular island near to Orts Road were made to create the bus lane. The extended bus lane is in addition to the existing traffic lanes in operation, so overall traffic capacity has been maintained. The work did not require the removal of any trees.

Rob White, the Green Councillor for Park Ward, said: “This scheme came out of the East Area Transport Study Group, of which I am a member. We have been looking at improving transport for East Reading.

“This initiative has filled one of the missing links in the wider public transport and cycling network. We will continue to prioritise improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. And we are always interested in hearing from residents with ideas.

“I have now travelled by bus and cycle on this new section of bus lane. Both journeys were quicker, and with my bike journey in particular it was good to have more space.”

Picture: Flickr/Hamster!