Zandra’s frocks rock! Fashion guru’s fairtrade vision.

Zandra Rhodes is teaming up with fairtrade fashion specialists People Tree for a brighter future.

The future is looking bright for the sustainable and Fairtrade fashion company People Tree. They have partnered with top fashion designer Zandra Rhodes to make a range of beautiful, fluid and colourful dresses in organic cotton.

In creating the ethical clothing collection, Zandra Rhodes and People Tree founder and CEO Safia Minney, went to India to see how their clothes are made.

As part of their trip, they visited farmers and saw the organic cotton used in the dresses growing in the fields. It’s grown using sustainable methods that take the toxic impact out of production ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for farmers and their families.

The pair then visited the factory where their cotton cloth is printed and the tailors who skillfully turn Zandra’s sketches into clothes. The employees are paid 30% to 40% more than industry standard and staff enjoy good working hours.

People Tree works with the Indian employers to train people so that skills grow and are maintained at levels expected by the Western market.

“This was the first time I’ve seen where my clothes are made,” said Zandra. “It’s not that easy travelling around from small town to small town in developing countries, but the experience was brilliant.”

She added: “I could see the difference the products make in the lives of real peoples.”

The collection is a treat for People Tree too. Its CEO and founder Safia Minney said: “Zandra and I worked together to bring some of her graduation prints from the 1960s into fashion for the first time ever!

“These modern shapes are easy to wear and celebrate womens’ empowerment and freedom.

Zandra’s fairtrade collection for People Tree will go on sale in June.

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