A new coffee sensation at Tamp Culture

Josh (left) and Marcus drink a toast to the success of Tamp Culture Lynda Bowyer

The smell of richly roasted coffee wafts down the short precinct where Reading’s Oracle Shopping Centre opens out onto Gun Street, and if you follow your nose it will lead you to a brand new coffee cart which has just opened on the corner.

Launching only a couple of days ago, Tamp Culture is the brainchild of Reading-born-and-bred brothers Marcus and Josh Goucher. Marcus has worked in coffee for over 3½ years and brings a good blend (pardon the pun) of experience to the fledgling business. Fuelled on by a passion for coffee, the brothers joined forces with a friend of theirs who is an independent coffee roaster and Tamp Culture was born.

It’s hard to miss both in terms of look and smell. Their little “Thai-style” Piaggio custom cart and the wonderful aromas which emanate from their stand make for an invitation to discover more. Their latte coffees are creamy, smooth and mellow whilst the unique AeroPress method for their filter coffee means that every single gram of flavour is extracted from the bean during the process.

“We offer 4 blends of coffee and 3 blends of tea daily,” explains Marcus, “and we rotate them so that we can offer our customers a wide variety of some of the wonderful coffees and teas out there.”

Today’s coffee selections were Dominica Republic Washed Valdesia, Sumatran Mandehling, Kenya Peaberry and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and the teas on offer were Poobong Darjeeling, Lemon and Ginger Ceylon and Desai Masala Chai. Hot Chocolate is also available for those not of a coffee or tea persuasion, so all palates are catered for.

Their blends of tea come direct from the Tea People, a unique business who, like Marcus and Josh at Tamp Culture, pride themselves on working ethically from garden to cup in terms of their approach, methodology and style.

Tamp Culture currently offer a small selection of home bakes too, and they will be expanding on this in the very near future. Marcus adds, “We’re going to be launching some modern art bakes; a sort of artisan cakes and bakes selection to go with our drinks. In addition, we’re going to be launching our website very soon too.”

With the flurry of activity at Tamp Culture this morning and the nods and smiles of appreciation, it’s safe to say that Tamp Culture do make a good cup. As Josh busies himself with the AeroPress serving some filter coffee to waiting customers, Marcus adds, “We have a 3 month pitch here and are open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 8:00pm. We’d love this to be a permanent pitch, and maybe one day have a rigid kiosk here. Who knows, a store in town could also be possible.”

There’s a wide variety of coffee shops in Reading. Coffee Corner is testimony to that. What Tamp Culture bring to the town is different; a personable approach, a genuine passion for coffee creation, a brilliant selection of beans, a great smile and a good price too.

“Good coffee needn’t be a luxury or something that will break the bank,” Marcus closes, “At our prices it is something that we can offer everyone.”

With the buzz of activity around the coffee cart, you can’t help but agree.

Tamp Culture’s website will be launching soon at www.tampculture.co.uk. You can also follow them on Twitter at @TampCulture.

Pictures: Lynda Bowyer