Album review: Beautifully crafted & quite uncluttered

We’re Just Passing Through

By Kate Robbins and Nicky Campbell

Nova, £10.99, ASIN: B00KDOX0ZK

As a big jazz fan, it was exciting to receive this new CD from Nicky Campbell, this time in partnership with Kate Robbins.

Nicky’s previous album, made with Mark Moraghan, was swing-inspired and excellent.

However, the broadcaster and DJ’s first track on his new CD starts with mellow piano and guitar, reminiscent of Dire Straits or Pink Floyd – very different to before.

The tracks then meander through big band jazz, 80s style pop and West End musical-style power ballads, creating an eclectic mix.

Kate Robbins has an incredible voice – it’s rich, warm and powerful.

Nicky also has a great voice but only sings on one track, which is rather a shame. More please.

The songs are beautifully crafted, the arrangements are uncluttered with effective layers of sound and the backing vocals stand out in a good way.

The harmonies, jazz-inflected chord progressions and melodic piano make for an album which is very easy to listen to.

The care and passion that went into writing and performing the songs is obvious.

Despite leaping from one musical style to another, the album works.

Although some songs wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s chart or on a West End stage, it seems that jazz is where Robbins’ and Campbell’s hearts lie.

The CD notes read, “Our musical minds met and Celtic souls danced”.

Despite no discernable Celtic sound to the album, the collaboration would seem to be a fruitful one.

Long may it continue.