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We all know that many talented and amazing people live and work in Berkshire. Here is one more for your list. Julie Cohen the author of the Richard and Judy bookclub book, Dear Thing.

Julie was born in Maine, USA moving to Reading in the 1990’s, “I came to Reading because of the university.” Julie said. “I did my first graduate degree in children’s literature, but now I’ve just made such good friends.

“Reading feels like a city but it also feels like a small town which is what I love. You just meet people and know people everywhere you go, it’s just fantastic. I love that.”

For a while Julie taught at local schools. “I used to teach at Piggott School in Wargrave and St Mary’s, Ascot.” she said. “I love teaching I miss it.

“I still do teach creative writing, I teach courses around here. I run my own courses at RISC and I’ve taught courses for the Guardian. Right now I’m doing something for Random House.

It’s still teaching but it’s wonderful to teach writers because that’s what I know.”

When she wasn’t teaching Julie would find time to write. “I was writing in the evenings and holidays. Then when my son was born I would write when he was taking naps. Then he went to nursery and now he goes to school and I write from nine to three every week day.”

Julie certainly uses her writing time to good effect with 17 books published under her own name and pseudonyms. She has sold three-quarters of a million copies, been translated into 15 languages and won several awards. Her latest accolade is to be chosen for inclusion in the Richard and Judy bookclub.

When Julie received the phone call telling her she was on the Richard and Judy bookclub list she screamed. “I was alone in the house and I just screamed and started running round the house like a mad thing.”

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The book that Richard and Judy enjoyed is called Dear Thing. It is an emotional story about infertility, loss and strong ties of motherhood. “[The book] had struck a chord with them [Richard and Judy] of what they had experienced themselves. It’s very generous of them I think to talk about themselves, they talk about it in the book which is a bit of a privilege really.”

Julie has recently become patron of ABC to Read, a local charity that have just received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. “They help primary school children learn how to read in Berkshire. I was absolutely thrilled, it’s wonderful because as a mum and a former teacher that really excited me.

“I just love reading so much and if you get kids and introduce them to books in the right way it can change everything around for them. It’s really exciting.”

If you enjoyed reading Dear Thing, Julie Cohen’s next page turner will hit the bookshops in July. Where Love Lies is the story of a marriage, choices that people make and the implications of these decisions.

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