Whitley Catholics remember First World War

Display boards at Christ The King Church told the story of the Great War and how it touched the Whitley church Christ The King Church, Whitley

Two First World War soldiers who came from a Whitley church were remembered at a special service held on Sunday.

The church of Christ The King in Northumberland Avenue was one of many Catholic churches in the Diocese of Portsmouth to hold Requiem Masses over the weekend of August 2 and 3.

Theresa Day, from the church, said: “We displayed information about family of parishioners who served in the First World War and news items from daily papers at that time.

“The father of one parishioner – Arthur Henry Lyford – served in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth one of five Super- Dreadnoughts and named after Queen Elizabeth I.

“Arthur was a boy seaman, served in the gun crew aged 15 in 1914 and one of his medals was awarded for service at Gallipoli. Arthur died in Reading in 1970.

“George Lawrence the father of a parishioner served in the Kite and Balloon section of the Royal Flying in 1916 and died in London in 1953.”

Their lives were honoured with the displays which formed part of the special mass. A poppy wreath was also laid in the church’s altar.

Theresa added: “Many parishioners stopped to read and talk about the information on display.”

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