Transform your life… with a little help from Jim

Today’s pace of life is relentless; and with so much pressure to hold down a job, raise the kids, run a home and also find time for some leisure means that the average person is stretched to breaking point just to get through everyday life.

Living by the clock where even the school run is timed to military precision becomes the norm, and most households up and down the land have a family organiser or wall planner chart that is tessellated to the proportions you’d normally expect in a game of Tetris.

Life, however, isn’t a game of Tetris and often the drive to succeed and excel at absolutely everything, whether work or leisure, can grind people down. People can also be ground down by family crises, personal problems, anxieties, tragic circumstances and bereavement which can all add to the mix to create that tipping point for some people who then turn to finding their own coping mechanisms. Some people may turn to their spouse or partner for support and guidance. Others may turn to their family or best friends. Some, sadly, may turn to an addiction to block out the reality of what’s happening in their lives. Help is at hand and one source of such help is through the work of Jim Tubbs-Galley at Transzzzzformations.

Jim trained at the highly respected RBCCH (Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis) in addition to studying at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, and is a licensed member of the APHP (Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy) and the NCH (the National Council for Hypnotherapy). This means that you can rest assured of being in good hands. Jim’s therapy work spans many areas such as helping clients deal with stress, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and many other conditions in addition to dealing with more specialised areas such as substance addiction. A more comprehensive list of the issues he can help with is listed on his website.

Jim runs an independent practice and has a therapy room based just off Reading’s Friar Street. “I’ve been here for six years,” Jim said. “Before that I worked from a therapy room which I had at my home.” Jim’s therapy room in town is pleasantly ‘compact and bijoux’ which has to be seen to be believed. Laden with so many things, it is a visual cornucopia which acts as a focal distraction to enable the client to relax and not focus on the initial problems they have sought help for. “People learn to help themselves,” Jim continues, “I do a lot of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming); everyone has the assets within themselves but they just need teasing out. I help to get clients to a point in their lives where they can start to believe in themselves once again.”

With a client base ranging from Luxembourg, Scotland and America to many clients here in the UK, Jim’s clinical experience is much sought after. “People will travel for consultations,” he said. “I have telephone consultations with clients from overseas and quite often clients will travel down to Reading from London. Helping people deal with their problems or their addictions and enabling them to change their mindset or behaviour is often the key. It’s also about building trust, so whether I have clients for relaxation issues for stress or regression or hypnosis work for deeper issues, it is all about trust and working at a level which they can understand.”

When asked about how he started in hypnosis and psychotherapy Jim, a former estate agent, said: “I clinically trained because I decided I wanted to do something different. I use many visual props because quite often the problem that people come to me with isn’t the main problem. A lot of the time it’s a case of there being ‘an elephant in the room’ and using visual tools is a very personal thing to help promote that conversation to bring about help and healing. I run a 12-step recovery programme which I then follow up with a life-coaching session at some later point to examine how they’re getting on. Basically, the main point about therapy is to help them get to the point of feeling OK about themselves once again.”

To find out more about Jim’s work at Transzzzzformations, why not visit his website at Jim offers a free initial consultation to all clients in order to talk over the problems so he can identify the specific areas in which he can help. Whatever the issue, Jim is available to help.

Transzzzzformations can be found on Merchant’s Place, next to Shed and Milk.
Picture: Lynda Bowyer