How to watch the tea-time Parade

Don’t miss your chance to see Disney characters in the all-singing, all-dancing parade

It starts at 5.30pm and lasts for about 30 minutes. It’s so popular that people start waiting on the parade route an hour beforehand to get the best spots.

Getting a kerbside seat is a must if you want to see the parade as it goes past

And you really need to – if you want to get a good view of the parade, especially if you have small people, you need to have a kerbside spot.

We witnessed during our visit some adults blocking the view of children and refusing to sit down, causing some unpleasantness.

So how best to avoid it? Well…

You either get to Main Street an hour early and mark out your territory (you’ll have to make a really good job of this because other people will invade your personal space – likewise, you shouldn’t be greedy and hog acres of pavement. It’ll be quite cosy on the parade route.

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Alternatively look for some of the quieter spots.

While the parade ends in Main Street, you can still see it in the shadow of the castle if you walk around the corner. There’s a seating area – complete with concrete benches to sit on – which doesn’t start getting busy until 5.15pm.

What’s the advantage about sitting in front, apart from the view?


Front row viewers may get high-fived by the characters, especially if you’re wearing the right costume!

The characters that are dancing on the streets, including the Lost Boys, Toy Story soldiers and some bumble bees, will high five children and interact with them that they can’t otehrwise do.

If your child is wearing a costume, then they may also receive a special wave or acknowledgement from the character in question – Snow White did that to our daugher and she was so excited about that.

Snow White saw our daughter was wearing a Snow White outfit and waved at her

The parade ends with Mickey and friends making a magical appearance and brings to an end a superb show that will leave lots of lasting happy memories.

And once it does, people start walking up the street following behind. It’s quite surreal to see, but it’s also quite exciting. Especially as the parade is full of joy.