Outgoing bus chief praises staff

James Freeman (second from left) in his last official photo as Chief Exectutive Office Reading Buses

Reading Buses has finally said its last goodbye to the outgoing Chief Executive Officer, James Freeman, and he was effusive in his praise of the company and its people.

James, ever modest, praised the ‘amazing’ way employees are transforming Reading Buses from ‘good to great’ in his final speech.

He made the comment at his farewell party in the impressive Concert Hall of the Old Town Hall, Reading, attended by council members, politicians, off-duty press and a large contingent of Reading Buses staff.

Mr. Freeman, who leaves Reading Buses to take on a new post as Managing Director of First Bristol & West of England, said thanks to the efforts and commitment of staff saying Reading Buses has progressed a very long way, setting standards for other bus companies to aspire to.

“We have won many awards in recent years and they demonstrate what others think of what we are doing in Reading—day in and day out.

“I have been hugely proud to be part of the team that makes this happen. I am proud that the people of Reading respect us as the people who provide their bus service—we have done well to earn their respect and we must not squander this.

“Last week our buses carried more passengers than ever. We are having to learn to live with rapid growth to keep up with changing fortunes of the town and the response by passengers to our services.

“With the current road works in the town centre this is proving to be a real trial, but our people are moving heaven and earth to try and keep Reading’s roads moving.

“Once the works are over, we will be in an even better place to ensure that our buses are getting people to where they want to go.”

He added that he would be watching the continuing and growing success of Reading Buses under the leadership of the new Chief Executive Officer Martijn Gilbert who takes over on November 1.

The company had organised the leaving party for James who helped to steer Reading Buses over the last seven years.

With a legacy of innovation, both in terms of technology and personnel, James leaves the company in rude health and thriving.

Last modified on Tuesday, 07 October 2014 11:31