Fabulous Fairtrade pancake party at the University

Students and staff alike from Reading University tucked in to some rather fantastic pancakes on Shrove Tuesday evening at the on-site Chaplaincy building at the Whiteknights Campus.

A gathering of over 40 students and staff helped themselves to over 100 pancakes with a variety of Fairtrade fillings on offer this evening at the Whiteknights Campus. Donations of 50p per pancake were welcomed, but not essential. Speaking earlier, Reading University Chaplain Mark Laynesmith explained “It’s more about people coming to enjoy the pancakes and the great fillings we have rather than taking donations.”

Among the Fairtrade fillings on offer were a selection of jams including Peach and Ginger Jam, Mango Jam and Guava Jam. The nation’s favourite, Strawberry Jam was also available, as was Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and the housewives’ favourite, lemon and sugar.

Plates were left scrupulously clean, jars were emptied and stomachs well and truly filled!

Picture: Lynda Bowyer Last modified on Monday, 13 April 2015 09:57