Can healing happen today?

The bible is packed with stories of Jesus and His disciples healing people. But that was 2,000 years ago. What about today? Can it happen here in the 21st century?

Some Christians believe that it can – and they’re inviting you to join them at the School of Supernatural Evangelism (SSE) to find out more. Organisers say that the SSE is born out of theconviction that moving in signs and wonders and the miraculous should be normal for every Christian. The year-long school meets on Tuesday evenings over 3 10-week-terms and includes monthly street evangelism.

It has been carefully organised to provide practical training and knowledge in Kingdom and Prophetic principles. In doing so, organisers hope you’ll develop a deeper relationship with God, experience His miraculous healing and prophetic power through you and experience personal transformation that involves being released from things that are holding you back in unexpected and profound ways. The course aims to equip you to bring people to Christ.

Teaching is led by Rob Gardiner, the founder and Senior pastor of Network Vineyard church, which has congregations in Reading and Bracknell, and Mark Iles, a church builder, prophet, teacher, mentor and advisor.

Steve, who attended the course, said that he found the course “life-changing”, while Carole said: “I was very nervous about joining a class full of “super-spiritual” people and felt that I might be out of depth. I soon found that everyone on the course was very honest and open about weaknesses and we learned a lot together”.

Nick said: “The SSE has been absolutely amazing and I have felt enabled to do so much more because of it. I didn’t see myself doing half the stuff I have this year…without the work God has been doing in my life through SSE”.