Local artist brings colour to Community School

Marianne Fowler Vivienne Johnson

The children of Oxford Road Community School, Reading are in for a big surprise when they go back to school.

Local artist and art teacher Marianne Fowler is spending her precious summer holiday painting murals on the walls of the playground.

Teaching staff and helpers have put a lot of time and effort in to enhancing the spaces around the school and adding to the children’s learning. Their determination to create a calm and beautiful area has worked. You would never guess as you stand in the playground surrounded by colourful paintings, plants and trees, a mud kitchen and even Dave the rabbit that you are so close to the busy Oxford Road.

“I’m creating a more interactive space for the children to play in,” said Marianne. “I came up with the designs, the idea is to incorporate different areas of the curriculum and add to their learning.

“There will be a long chalk board under the meerkats picture for them to use and several others like on the rock pools so they can be drawing and creating.” explained Marianne.

“On the dung in the dung beetle picture, we’re going to put hooks so the children can weave with fabric and string.”

Marianne studied community art at the University of Reading and enjoys working on public art projects. She also teaches art at Prospect School “but I do sell a lot of art work, I do commissions and have exhibitions.”

You can see more of Marianne’s work on her website www.illustratemarianne.co.uk

Pictures: Vivienne Johnson Last modified on Friday, 01 August 2014 15:53