Mugabe protesters take to Reading’s streets

Paul King / Home Counties Press Agency

A group committed to bring change to Zimbabwe took to the streets of Reading today to bring their message to the Thames Valley. Members of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe were in Broad Street to talk about their campaign to bring peace, justice and freedom to the country governed by Robert Mugabe.

ROHR says it is a non-political organisation that wants to see the country become a regional and international economic powerhouse while ensuring that human rights are met.

The campaign’s aims include:

  • Educating and encouraging Zimbabweans to stand together and demand that their human rights issues be addressed
  • To encourage active participation of Zimbabweans in governance issues including their constitutional rights
  • To work closely with other organisations that share the same objectives and values nationally, regionally and internationally.

In November, the group issued a statement “strongly condemn[ing] the sustained assault on independent media journalists, human rights lawyers and activists by President Robert Mugabe, through the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), in arbitrary detentions, arrests and physical violence.”

The statement added: “President Mugabe and his government must be accountable to the people, should be tolerant of criticism where they fall short of the people’s expectations and resign if they cannot deliver on their promise.”

Members of the Reading chapter were in Broad Street as part of its AGM and outreach day, which was held in London Street’s RISC.

For more on the campaign, visit its website:

Pictures: Paul King / Home Counties Press Agency

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