Soul Survivor Youth Bible, NIV translation

The people at Soul Survivor have pulled out all the stops to make this edition of the Bible as interesting and easy to read as possible.

Starting at absolute basics and assuming you have never picked up a Bible there are short articles at the start of the book with help for absolute beginners and advice on how to go about reading the Bible.

There are also helpful lists of Bible verses to help you on your journey. Journeys are verses that challenge you about where your heart is. For instance your identity or finding out about people who were used by God. As you read through the journeys you find yourself challenged and changed.

Each book in the Bible starts with a short summary; the date it was written, the author, what it’s all about and why we should bother to read it.

Throughout the book are icons similar to those you find in ‘books for dummies’. There is a storyline icon that highlights major themes that run through the Bible such as where to find Jesus in the Bible, friendship and the importance of sacrifice.

The icon of an aeroplane highlights journeys that shape your heart and help you go deeper into sections of the Bible. The journeys focus on things such as how to pray.

Threads show us key topics such as what are God’s plans for your future or what does God have to say about money.

The pages are laid out in a modern type face that is easy to read and scattered on the pages are things to think about, short Bible studies, notes and comments. This edition also uses British spelling and grammar which allows it to be read more naturally.

Published by Hodder and Stoughton

Hardback £16.99