South East puts Ukip on top, with Conservatives in a close second

How the South East voted – parties by colour, grey is for other parties

The South East elected four Ukip MEPs, including leader Nigel Farage, as the party swept to victory in the region. The Conservatives came a close second. 

Labour came third, polling around half of what the Conservatives and Ukip managed. 

In fourth place were the Green party, winning enough votes to relect their MEP. 

The Liberal Democrats came fifth and, as a result, netted their only MEP of the night and avodied completed electoral meltdown in the process. 

Nigel Farage has now hinted that he will stand as an MP in next year’s General Election in a seaside resort south of the River Thames, which suggests Thanet or Folkestone in Kent, where the party did exceptionally well. 

“Our people’s army will go from here,” he said at his victory speech. “We will go on next year to the general election with a target strategy and I promise you this – you haven’t heard the last of us.”

However, Ukip’s success across the region was not matched locally. In Reading, they came third and in Wokingham, they were second. 

Labour will be disappointed with its polling across the region, even though it topped Reading’s poll by some margin. 

The Green Party has continued to make gains, coming fourth in the South East and Reading, but fifth in Wokingham. 

The Liberal Democrats have come fifth in the national and regional polls, but it came fourth in Wokingham, just behind Labour. 

  • UK Independence Party 751,439 32.14%
  • Conservative 723,571 30.95%
  • Labour 342,775 14.66%
  • Green 211,706 9.05%
  • Liberal Democrat 187,876 8.04%
  • An Independence From Europe 45,199 1.93%
  • English Democrats 17,771 0.76%
  • British National Party 16,909 0.72%
  • Christian Peoples Alliance 14,893 0.64%
  • The Peace Party 10,130 0.43%
  • Socialist Party of Great Britain 5,454 0.23%
  • The Roman Party 2,997 0.13%
  • YOURvoice 2,932 0.13%
  • Liberty GB 2,494 0.11%
  • Harmony Party 1,904 0.08%

Last modified on Monday, 26 May 2014 14:57