Year 6 pupils ready to move on up

Year 6 pupils took part in team building games to prepare them for Secondary School Julia Jones/REInspired

Hundreds of primary school children gathered in a leisure centre earlier this week to celebrate moving on up to secondary school.

The REInspired Year 6 Transition Event was held at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre on Monday, July 7 and was hailed as a tremendous success. 

Hundreds of local primary school pupils from Lower Earley gathered at the Loddon Valley leisure centre for the event.

Hosted by REInspired, the Year 6 children had an opportunity to meet their new secondary school classmates and teachers.

Team building games were organised including a giant tower building exercise.

Alongside the fun there were opportunities to answer questions, hear about life in the new world of secondary school and participate in prayers.

REInspired relies on local volunteers to put such events together and draws people from a wide range of churches and backgrounds.

“It’s been tremendous,” said REInspired project manager Julia Jones.

“We’ve got to know many of these children during their time at primary school through regular visits to their schools and our local churches. Many find the transition to secondary school to be quite a challenge.

“Events like this are a wonderful opportunity to offer support, prayers and a friendly face at this key time. Next year we hope to repeat the event here in Lower Earley and schools are asking if we can replicate this in East Reading.”

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