Can Xn readers do the double? Reading Buses have found another camera.

Do you recognise this photo?

For the second time in less than a month, Reading Buses is looking for the owner of a camera left in their lost property department.

Last month there was a happy ending to a camera found on Reading Buses after going missing for six months thanks to a sharp-eyed Xn reader who recognised the people in the photo we published, taken from the camera.

It is now around five weeks since the latest camera, a Canon DS 126 151, was left on a mint green 5 bus. Reading Buses – who keep lost property for four weeks to allow people time to claim their items back – are now looking for the owner. The camera has a case and additional zoom lens.

Said Marketing and Communications Manager Jake Osman: “We have looked at the photos on the camera to try and trace the owner.

“It appears that the owner travels a lot as there are pictures of various places around the UK. The person has been walking in Wales at Pen-Y-Fan, had a trip to London and there are even pictures of the local area, with Newbury and the University Campus featuring.

“There are also a few rail and bus receipts as well as a receipt from a trip to Blenheim Palace.”

The company have released a couple of pictures to try and track down the owner.

“It is our hope that these pictures are recognised by someone,” said Jake. “Hopefully either the person themselves or one of their friends will be able to contact us to find the rightful owner.

“As this may be a tourist or international student at the University, this may become an international quest to reunite the camera and its owner – and I’m sure they would like this back for the Christmas period

“We will use our social media to try and get the pictures out there for people to recognise,” he added.

If you reconise these photos, please get in touch with Reading Buses.

Last modified on Friday, 19 December 2014 15:47