Catch The Bus week hailed as a success

Karis Eggleton (left) and Dolores Saunders with the Town Crier in Broad Street Reading Buses

Reading Buses is confident it has played a full part in the national Catch the Bus Week.

For the local operator issued no fewer than 2,000 FREE vouchers for a single bus ride worth £1.90. Already almost 800 have been used – which Reading Buses describe as an ‘incredible’ take-up rate with another week of validity to go.

Representatives of the company were in the town giving away vouchers and were accompanied by a Town Crier in Broad Street – one of their most successful locations.

The company also ran a hugely successful ‘word of the day’ competition which required people to be on the bus to participate.

Hundreds of people used social media and email to try and win a month’s free pass or 20 free trips each day by telling the company each day what the word was that appeared on their bus screens.

Reading Buses also reported a good uptake on an offer to get an easysaver 10 smartcard or top-up for just £10.

Said Jake Osman, Marketing Manager: “This means that customers could get 10 trips loaded onto a smartcard for just £1 per journey – and over a hundred people took them up on the offer on a smartcard that is designed for the occasional bus user.

“In participating in ‘Catch the Bus Week,’ we wanted to get more people moving in and out of town. This helps drive economic growth at local level; boosts access to job markets, the high street, local services and leisure. And also it goes without saying that is helps to reduce congestion and emissions to benefit health and wellbeing.

“We really enjoyed taking part in Catch the Bus Week,” said Jake.

“It has helped us bang the drum for buses and show people that it is a viable option to the car – all of our offers and activity have been around showing people how to save money and to encourage them to try the bus and see what all the fuss is about.”

He added: “There is no doubt in our minds that the week has been a success. We look forward to participating next year, but doing even more to encourage people to Catch the Bus.”