School’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity



The children of St Dominic Savio Primary School in Woodley have a motto which says it all. “We are all different, but we are all the same, and all are welcome.”

It is this commitment to diversity and inclusivity, embedded in a strong Catholic ethos, which singles out the school from many others in the area.

The driving belief among the staff is that each child can be successful, with success taking many forms.

There is also a commitment to ensuring every child leaves the school fully literate and numerate.

It is not surprising then that the results for each stage are high. But it means there are high expectations of everyone – pupils, staff and parents alike.

After 40 years at the heart of Woodley life, St Dominic Savio was launched on a new journey toward excellence in April 2013 when James Broadbridge was appointed Headteacher.

“Magic happens in the classroom,” he said. “So we place a relentless focus on improving teaching and learning – with a vibrant curriculum and a strong emphasis on sport and the arts.

“We also collaborate closely with parents, knowing that their support is a major contributor to good results.”

St Dominic Savio lies in spacious grounds, with excellent facilities, and a wide range of clubs.

ICT is fully embraced, and there are regular hosted events on specific topics.

The PTA is active, and charity fund-raising is well supported.

Above all, the school exudes a happy, safe and healthy learning atmosphere, in which everybody is valued and visitors are always welcome.

Come along on Friday, 9 January, and see for yourself.

For more on the school, log on to its website.