What does homelessness look like to you?

Winner JD, JD Vance (judge), and the other winners Kelly Hall and Charlie Hatton.

This was the theme for a competition at CIRDIC (Churches in Reading Drop In Centre), which finished on Friday, July 18. The entries included cardboard boxes containing the typical picture of homelessness – sleeping bag, tent, a dog, set in a rather bleak landscape. Similar scenes had been made out of mosaic, with dramatic results.

The main prize, a voucher for a meal for two, was kindly donated by Tutu from Tutu’s Ethiopian Table, RISC, in London Street.

The prize winners were: Kelly Hall, Charlie Hatton and ‘JD’. The prizes were presented by one of Reading’s leading entrepreneurs JD Vance.

CIRDIC has been running since 1990, when a group of local Christians wanted to respond to the needs of the homeless and clearly disadvantaged people in Reading. Originally, the aim was to provide a welcoming place in which to offer food and clothing but now, in response to growing needs, the Centre offers a wide range of support services to its guests.

Artwork is also encouraged and, in 2014, there have been weekly opportunities for activities (the result of a generous grant from Springboard, a Christian organisation). These have included chalk painting of recycled furniture, which can then be taken home, and mosaic making. Windowsills are now adorned with works which have been produced, including a pair of cats, a portrait of Elvis Presley and quotations from Scripture.

CIRDIC would like to encourage further artwork, creative writing, musical activities etc.

If you enjoy being creative and would like to share your expertise with others at CIRDIC, please contact the manager, Mabel Boyd, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information about CIRDIC, please visit the website at www.cirdic.org.uk


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