Cam Cole commands a crowd on the streets of Reading

Those of a more sedate music persuasion could have been forgiven if they thought that Animal from The Muppets had been let loose on a set of drums in town today as Cam Cole brought his own inimitable blend of music to the streets of the Ding.

Labelled as a ‘dirty blues’ musician, Cam drawled into the mic at his street busking point opposite Lloyds Bank in the precinct as his drummer James Adams thrashed out a heavy beat on the sparse drum kit. Further into his repertoire, he ditched the overdriven and distorted guitar in favour of a banjo and launched into a manic track entitled “Rabbit”.

Though very different to what we usually experience on the streets of Reading, Cam Cole certainly shook things up a little and drew a crowd of listeners from the main thoroughfare and side streets.

More details about Cam Cole can be found at He’s also on Facebook and you can also track him down on Twitter @MrCamCole.

Last modified on Monday, 13 April 2015 07:47