Don’t drink the water in Streatley and Pangbourne!

Thames Water has issued a notice to some residents in Streatley, Ashampstead, Upper Basildon and parts of Pangbourne, advising them not to drink their tap water after they received reports of strange smelling water. They are investigating the issue, and are distributing bottled water to those affected.

There is a special page on the Thames Water website with a host of important information, including the locations you can get bottled water – visit Thames Water has an information vehicle based at the Bull pub in Streatley.

The bottled water locations are:

Streatley – Junction of Wantage Road and Wallingford Road, RG8 9LG

Black Wood – The post box at RG8 9SR

Lower Basildon – Park Wall Lane, RG8 9PA

Bowden Green – Berkshire Plant Nursery, RG8 8JH

Ashampstead – St Clements Church, Church lane, RG8 8SH

If you have any concerns, call the Thames Water helpline on 0845 9200 8000.

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 May 2014 09:59