Henley MP prepares to go on tour

John Howell MP will be visiting his constituency this autumn

As party conference season gets underway, Henley’s MP is getting ready to go on tour.

John Howell MP will visit all corners of the constituency over a two week period and he says that the annual tour takes advantage of a lull in proceedings at Westminster, adding that the tour is designed to take the time to explore some of the issues worrying people.

John’s tour will see him visit meetings with parish councils, some of them with the public as open meetings. The MP will also call at individual houses to discuss issues with members of the constituency.

There will be 23 visits during the tour, including meetings with 10 parish councils including Goring, Binfield Heath and Bletchingdon.

It also includes a visit to NOMAD in Henley, based out of the d:two centre to watch a play about drug use.

The tour will also include meetings in Thame with the Thame Business Forum and Thame Advisors.

John said: “We have changed the format this year to ensure that I have longer to talk with people where they live. I also want to ensure that I understand the challenges faced by Parish Councils and to help them out in formulating a view of what their community wants and in delivering it.

“This is an important two weeks for leaving Westminster behind and making contact locally in addition to what I do during the year. But I also want to make the connection that so much of what I do in Westminster affects them and that I am very aware of this.”