Mallory Knox will rock your soles in Vans

Mallory Knox Mallory Knox and ~Evil-Sapphire

If you aren’t able to make it to Reading Festival this week then hang out in Vans shoe shop on Queen Victoria Street.

Mallory Knox will be playing live and exclusive in the Vans shoe shop on Thursday August 21. “They will do an acoustic set with 4 or 5 tracks,” said Vans manager Rachael Harrison. “They will then have an album playback and do some signing.”

“This is an exclusive” she said, “The album isn’t released until October.”

Vans will also have a waffle stand and will be making fresh waffles.

“We have a bunch of stuff going on all weekend,” said Rachael, “we’ll be having a mini festival in the shop.”

The band will start playing live at 6pm and the album playback and signing will start about 6-30pm.

The Vans Shop, 17 Queen Victoria Street, Reading, RG11 1SY

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