New coeducation school in Wokingham is looking for Pioneers

Luckley House School

A pioneer is somebody who breaks new ground, and that is what it will be for a boy joining Luckley House School in Wokingham, as it moves to coeducation from September.

Luckley House School says it is an excellent school, with exceptional academic standards. At GCSE, the average ‘value added’ is one grade, which means that pupils achieve an average of a grade higher in each of their subjects than pupils of similar ability in other schools.

Luckley pupils perform outstandingly in the public exams, enabling most to secure places at excellent universities, or take up highly valued apprenticeships. Alongside excellent teaching, is outstanding pastoral care – everyone is valued for who they are, regardless of their talents and abilities.

Jane Tudor, Head of Luckley recognises that it will take some courage for the first intake of boys to join what is currently an all girls’ school, but is confident that the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks.

She says “We firmly believe that what boys will experience when they join Luckley, will be better and more fulfilling than they could ever expect! Each boy will gain from the academic excellence, will be encouraged to reach beyond his potential, and will grow into a confident and accomplished young man”.

The school announced its decision to move to coeducation at the start of this academic year.

Mrs Tudor explains the rationale behind the decision: “The uniqueness of our school lies in the combination of ethos and size. Our focus on the individual brings an education that affirms talent and develops potential. Remaining small in a competitive market is challenging and prompts us to assess our position regularly.

“We have listened to current and prospective parents and Heads of feeder schools, so that we understand what is good and valued about our school and can build on this knowledge. Our research has shown that there is a need in Berkshire for a small coeducational school, offering excellent academic teaching across the curriculum, and with outstanding provision in the creative and performing arts and sport.

“An extensive and varied co-curricular programme completes the profile of a truly all-round education for both boys and girls. We firmly believe that this move will meet local families’ needs in the years ahead, whilst preserving the much valued ethos and heritage of the School.”

As part of its ‘pioneer initiative’ the school is offering a range of special awards for boys and girls celebrating the launch of coeducation. In addition, means-tested bursaries, academic, art, music, sport and drama scholarships are available, as well as very favourable sibling discounts.

With a fleet of minibuses providing daily transport across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, day pupils at Luckley join the school from a wide catchment area. And, the flexible boarding options, make the school very appealing to the modern family. So, if you are looking for an excellent all-round private school for your son or daughter, look no further – join the ‘Pioneer Party’

For more details, contact Mrs Bell by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , calling 0118 978 4175 or logging on Luckley House’s website.