Shop at Asda or Aldi? Here’s a brilliant way to help foodbanks

A page from aldi’s current Special Buys magazine highlighting its nappy prices Phil Creighton

If you shop at Aldi or Asda, here’s a brilliant way you can help foodbanks help parents – just by doing your weekly shop.

Both stores are currently running special Baby and Toddler events with bargains on supplies that foodbanks like having in stock for parents who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford essential supplies, including nappies, baby wipes and baby food.

Aldi’s event is part of its Special Buys promotion, but its nappies are available all year round. A box – which can contain up to 98 nappies – is just £6.79, while its baby food range starts at 45p for a jar of cottage pie or pear and apple pudding. It also sells its own brand baby wipes, food pouches and soothers.

Asda’s Baby and Toddler event runs until February 8 and sees the store offer special deals on nappies – its own brand are on three packs for £12, while you can buy a box of 12 packets of wipes for £7.97. Heinz fruit pouches are reduced to 50p a packet and there are also offers on baby shampoos, pull-ups and sleepsuits.

While these might seem strange things to donate to foodbanks, many parents who are referred by social services, schools and other local agencies will greatly appreciate your donations.

Local foodbanks

  • Bracknell Foodbank 01344 862699 website
  • Crowthorne Foodbank 01344 780087
  • Earley Foodstore (part of Woodley Foodstore) website
  • Readifood 0118 987 2672 website
  • West Berks Foodbank (Thatcham) 01635 760540 website
  • West Berkshire Foodbank (Hungerford) 01635 760540 website
  • Wokingham Foodbank 07926 524605 website
  • Woodley Foodstore 0118 969 9956 website

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