The Gospels with Mike and Andy – audio book

Anyone who has been to a Soul Survivor event will recognise the voices of Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft. The Soul Survivor leaders read the Gospels from the NIV translation of the Bible, their rich, warm voices are perfect for reading an audio book.

Listen to the revolutionary story of Jesus. His life, death, and resurrection. Witness the outbreak of the Kingdom of God through parables, miracles, and stories of hope.

Mike reads the Gospels of Mark and John, and Matthew and Luke are read by Andy.

Although marketed for teenagers, this recording is useful for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the Bible while they are on the go.

The CD is formatted for an MP3 player and so has to be downloaded, via a computer, to an MP3 player or smart phone. It is also available as an audio digital download. Running time is 8 hours.

Published by Hodder and Staughton

Cost £4.99 for CD or audio digital download.