10 Interesting Facts About Rats


You already know the basics about common brown rats – they are widespread and adaptable, not very attractive, and an object to intense rat control efforts by both professionals and non-professionals.

To broaden your perspective and give you something to think about at night, here are our ten additional astonishing facts on rats and their nature.

#1 They are survivors

Rats can survive up to two weeks without having access to food and water sources. What’s more – they can live without water longer than they could live without food!

#2 They enjoy music

Rats’ ears are more sensitive than other animals’ ears, making them more alert to various sounds, including music. In a laboratory environment, rats had been observed to enjoy listening to music and even proven to have varying music tastes of their own.

#3 They can sense others’ emotions

Numerous studies confirm that mice and chickens can demonstrate empathy towards other animals. Almost a decade ago, the first evidence-packed study of empathy-driven behaviour in rats was published.

#4 They can laugh

When tickled or played with, rats let out tiny giggles that are too high for the human ear to catch. Anyway, facts are facts – rats do laugh when someone tickles them on their backs or their bellies.

#5 Rats cry blood when stressed

Okay, now that you’re terrified enough, we will help you a bit. It’s not precisely blood, but instead, a bodily fluid called porphyrin. It comes out as a red or pinkish discharge from the rats’ eyes in times of stress, looking like they are crying blood.

#6 They use their tails to control body temperature

Rats can contract the blood vessels in their tails to regulate their body temperature during too hot or too freezing days. That is just one of the reasons behind their impressive toughness.

#7 Their teeth grow all life long

That’s right – rat teeth never stop growing and even do it at an impressive pace – up to five inches per year. Meanwhile, they are strong enough to cut through almost anything, including aluminium.

#8 They live in communities

Rats have well-developed social structures, including clans, leaders, and families. They sleep together, move houses together, and even play together. How sweet is that?

#9 They can reproduce every month

Every three weeks, to be precise – so that makes even twice a month a possible alternative. Even more – a brown rat is full-grown and ready to start reproducing just three months after they had been born.

#10 Rats are worshipped in a temple in Northwest India

At Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan, rats are honoured as the holy descendants of a Hindu goddess named Durga. They are called kabbas, and many people travel great distances to pay their respects.

If you’re still not feeling intrigued by the idea of worshipping domestic rats, to call professional pest control Lambeth would be the most intelligent way to keep fancying rats, without having actually to interact with them.