Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

Happily to them, and sadly to us, bed bugs are the ultimate survivors. So, the short answer is: yes, bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of once the infestation is a fact.

Compared to other insects, bedbugs reproduce slowly and move moderately fast. As that doesn’t sound bad enough, they are also highly resistant to chemicals and usually require an expert to come in and help.

So, what is there to do about it?

Take thoughtful precautions

Treat your luggage and backpacks when travelling, wash your clothing when you get home, air dry it in high temperatures, or iron it regularly to eliminate the hitchhikers.

Bed bugs might be lurking in all types of public places, so travelling long-distance is not the only time to be careful. Offices, public transportations, taxis, or a friend’s house: you never know.

Maintain perfect home and bedding hygiene

Dirtiness and clutter will make it harder for you to spot the problem when it appears. Specialists recommend steam cleaning your bedding and mattresses at least once a year, changing your sheets at least once every week, and staying aware in case the colour or the odour of your bed changes even the slightest.

Stay aware of the first signs of an infestation

Tiny stains of blood, dark brownish spots, offensive odour, and skin bites are definitely something that should ring the alarm.

Bed bug bites some in lines or clusters, while many people tend to show different allergic reactions to them. These include itches, disturbed sleep, runny nose, or general physical discomfort with no identified origins.

Don’t experiment on your own

Once you suspect an infestation, you should neither postpone taking action nor experiment on your own. Most of the home-made solutions to the problem will only result in wasting time and money, while the situation only keeps getting worse. 

Reaching out to a licensed Bed Bug Specialist will spare you the trouble, discomfort, and disturbance of having to share your bed with hundreds of intruders for a lengthy period of time.

Call a professional pest control

When you contact a bed bug exterminator, they will do a careful on-site inspection to determine the infestation severity.

Depending on each individual case, bed bug experts will choose between bed bug heat treatment, bed bug spray treatment, or a combination of both. They will prepare tailored scheduling of the procedure and monitor its results so that you’d be sure your problem can be solved once and for good.

Put shortly – bed bugs are almost impossible to get rid of if you’re not experienced enough to handle the situation. Gladly, there are many licensed bed bug exterminators to lend you a helping hand and take you through this with minimum damage to your home, your health, and your belongings.