Have mice at home? What is the best solution for their removal

Our home is our safe space and we always want to make sure it’s nice, clean and comfortable. We always look forward to going home after a long day at work or doing other things outside. It’s where we get to rest, enjoy our free time and family. Sometimes, though, the residents in our house might increase without us knowing and that is not a pleasant surprise. We are talking about pests and more particularly in this case – mice and rats.

Which signals to pay attention to

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Even if you are a humanitarian animal lover you wouldn’t want to accommodate such roommates because of their fast spread, infection bringing and food stealing nature. Mice usually don’t waste time by themselves and make colonies, settling inside the walls of your house as well as basements and attics where they have perfect access to the pipes leading into your kitchen.

Signs you might have these imposters is hearing their tiny feet in the night when it’s quiet, seeing their droppings around your home or their scratch marks on your floors or furniture. Kitchen cabinets and drawers where we store snacks, bread and other packaged foods are the most appealing target of the rats. Crumbs from biscuits and bread fallen in the cabinets can lead them straight to where the goods are. And when you have a whole army that is hungry you need to act and you need to do it fast.

How to deal with the invasion of mice

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Nobody expects you to deal with these pests on your own – it isn’t an easy job. Even if you are not faint-hearted and have no problem killing them off there is a technique and plan of steps that need to be followed for success. Bet on a mouse exterminator in London who have the right equipment and is trained specifically how to take care of such problems. No need to set traps, wait for hours, days or even weeks for just one of them to get caught and never be sure if there are more waiting to come out.

Archers Pest Control is a professional exterminating company in London giving its customers a healthy, pest and worry – free home and a thorough follow-up to make sure they don’t come back. They know exactly what to do and what you should do before the inspection and after getting rid of the problem.

If you have made an appointment already or as soon as you know you have mice in your home make sure you put all food items away erase any trace of them by doing a thorough cleaning. Also wash all dishes and cutlery before using them and if you find traces of nibbles on your food, don’t take risks and dispose of it. This way you can protect yourself from diseases until you get rid of the mice.

What is the plan of Archers Pest Control

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The plan that exterminators at Archers Pest Control follow is consisted of a few steps:

  • Initial visit – establishing the size of the infestation; making up a plan for extermination; setting bait boxes with potent rodenticide;
  • Follow-up visit – inspecting the bait boxes;
  • Disposing any carcasses; in the case of future activity the treatment is extended;
  • After service advice – once the problem has been taken care of, any remaining pests will die off in their holes. Just in case you should clean your home thoroughly once more, keep it clean, remove excess vegetation growing close to your home and don’t feed birds or other animals around your house.

If you wish you can add sanitation to your service to make sure you remove any remains of mice like diseases, bacteria, feces, urine, etc. this is possible for a small charge. Another extra safety action is to mice proof your property by having a technician seal all of their former entrances to your home. If you have different pests don’t hesitate and call your local mouse exterminating company and they will take care of the problem for you.