Kindergarten – the beginning of a new stage in the life of every child and his parents

Sooner or later we have to decide in which kindergarten to enroll our child. This decision is extremely important for a number of reasons, as the first is the proper socialization of the child and the best academic training for school as well. In such moments we must pay attention especially to the reputation of the kindergarten and the training methods that are applied to the teaching methods that are applied so that the children can master the taught material in the best possible way. Learn more about kindergаrten Sofia admission at ABC Kinder Care Centre and start preparing for the new beginning in your child’s life.

What is the process of admission to a private kindergarten

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Enrolling a child in kindergarten is a whole new beginning for the whole family. New emotions, new acquaintances and completely different emotions from those we have experienced so far – both for parents and their child. However, before we enjoy this change in everyday life, we need to get acquainted with some documentary details, such as the order in which the application is submitted. In the following lines you will learn what you need to do to successfully apply for admission to ABC Kinder Care Centre. Here are the steps:

  • Contact the kindergarten to start the process. Another option is to submit your form via the website;
  • Organize a visit to the kindergarten and the base by arranging a day and time, talk to the teachers and discuss all the details that interest you;
  • After you get acquainted in detail with the conditions that the kindergarten offers, it’s time to pay the one-time fee which is non-refundable;
  • The last stage of the application is to receive information about the medical documents to be submitted. They are also mandatory for future inspections in the kindergarten.

After completing all the mandatory steps when applying to kindergarten ABC Kinder Care Centre you should also prepare for the start of the school year in which your child will learn a lot of new knowledge, as well as make new friends in the face of peers and teachers. You too!

Why trust ABC Kinder Care Centre

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There is no doubt that every parent wants the best for their child. Choosing a kindergarten is one of the most important decisions that parents must make. Since the period for visiting a preschool center is not short at all, this issue must be considered very carefully and in view of every little detail, so that to enjoy the results we want. ABC Kinder Care Centre is the best place for you to choose when your child is old enough to attend kindergarten. There you’re going to find:

  • Modern training base that follows all innovations in technology and academics;
  • A team of professionals who will take proper care of your child’s preschool preparation;
  • Innovative teaching methods that lead to 100% success;
  • Cozy, positive and well-adapted academic environment for children, which motivates them to learn and be interested in various topics and scientific facts;
  • Art approach in many situations – children love to draw and do things with their hands, which in turn improves fine motor skills and ability to concentrate;
  • Completely reasonable prices compared to the level of service that the kindergarten offers;
  • Extremely responsive team of educators who love the children and rely on good communication with parents.

Our children are our future. And when we invest in their education, we are actually investing in making the world a better place for all of us. Never forget this and fully trust ABC Kinder Care Centre. There you will be greeted by smiling and positive people who will be with you at every stage of the child’s pre-school preparation.