How-to: Rings for men


The wedding ring

This is obviously the ring that we will find on the most men, which shows the bond of marriage. Often discreet and with a sleek design, the wedding ring is undoubtedly the simplest ring for a man. By tradition, it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand because this finger is considered as that of the heart and of conjugal love.

The signet ring

The signet ring is a sign of heritage: it is transmitted from generation to generation. Often decorated with a precious stone and engraved with a sign or symbol, it can be a coat of arms, the badge of a club or a university, or simply a family name. It is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, or simply on the right little finger. Nowadays, it can also be worn on any finger; trends evolve! This masculine jewelry can be difficult to wear because it can be imposing, but still remains of an unrivaled class.

The other rings


There are countless models without particular meanings like the previous two. In general, men like to wear steel or silver rings fairly sober on the index or ring finger, but those who like to go beyond traditional standards can wear larger ones adorned with diamonds. However, you have to be careful that the overall style of the person remains consistent!


First, note that it is better to wear a men’s ring on the left hand if you are right-handed, and vice versa as it can be annoying for certain daily gestures.

The thumb

It is not the most popular finger, but it is a trend that is growing more and more! If you already have several rings, wearing one on the thumb will allow your hands to feel less overloaded.

The index finger

It is the finger that allows the most prominent ring. In the past, very wealthy families used it to highlight their wealth.

The middle finger

This finger has no real meaning but remains a very good solution for wearing a classic ring.

The ring finger

This is the finger meant to wear the wedding ring. If you wear a classic ring on this finger, people may think that you are married!

The little finger

This finger is historically reserved for signet rings. And it is also true that it can be a knockout! Men’s pinky rings can be made from any material, from gold to wood, or even be leather rings.



It is an expensive material and a sign of wealth. Quite fragile, it remains very elegant. It is however more difficult to integrate into an outfit due to its yellow color. We must also be careful that the ring is not too large at the risk of looking too bling-bling!

Silver and white gold

This is the most common because the color is very elegant and goes very easily with any type of outfit.


Very fashionable, titanium approaches a very attractive silver anthracite gray color, which goes perfectly with silver. The mixture of these two colors is very elegant and easy to wear! Titanium’s greatest advantage, apart from its silvery appearance, is its strength to weight ratio. It has all the strength of steel, yet weighs almost nothing.


Despite their extreme resistance, ceramic rings are very light. This gives more comfort to the person who wears them. This characteristic also prevents them from marking the finger even if they are worn for a very long period